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Over the last 8 years, Gill has been developing an understanding of a person as a whole, not simply the physical body, but also a body that has emotional, mental and spiritual elements and has been studying esoteric (innermost) healing modalities; Esoteric Massage, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and Chakra-puncture through courses with Serge Benhayon at Universal Medicine. This has been a huge influence in the way she now works.

This holistic approach brings a much deeper level of healing than simply the physical. It is an ongoing process that unfolds and evolves, she is a forever student of the teachings.

Gill lives an active lifestyle and has some understanding how we can help ourselves with our own health issues.  She views pain as a way of making us stop and listen to our bodies, to feel how we’ve been living to cause the problem and how we can make changes.  She understands from the teachings of Plato that for healing to take place, we need to heal the whole body, not a part of it.

The journey of life is to learn and evolve, illness can assist us to look at this without focus on the outcome or the destination.

Esoteric Healing

Esoteric Healing resolves the underlying root energetic cause, so that there is nothing to resurface down the line.
Practitioners of the esoteric healing work closely with and complementing conventional medicine and see that it is in the combination of the two, that a holistic approach can be offered to the patient.

There have been 3 levels of Esoteric Healing and Gill is accredited to Level 2.

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What are the Benefits?

Many recipients have stated that they have experienced the release and improvement of a vast array of energetic, physical and emotional conditions including common musculoskeletal ailments.

Esoteric Massage

Esoteric Massage can be part of a session or the whole treatment. It can be used to treat the body as a whole or treat more specifically an issue the body may be experiencing. It has a large variety of techniques to cater for all body needs, issues and problems. Esoteric Massage is a great way for someone to reconnect, and have a moment with self to deeply relax and allow the body to heal.

Esoteric Massage is uniquely different from any other form of Massage.
There are 4 levels of Esoteric Massage training and Gill is accredited to Level 4.

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Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy (ECTT) is a gentle hands-on energetic healing modality. It is a very simple, yet powerfully effective treatment that works directly with the energy flowing through the connective tissue system in order to support and restore the natural balance of the whole body.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy works on a deep foundational level in the body’s systems, enabling it to facilitate in a vast array of energetic, physical and emotional conditions including, as many recipients have also stated, common musculoskeletal ailments.

The connective tissue is our body’s soft tissue framework – it is within and around our organs, muscles, tendons and bones and it supports and connects all these structures as a whole. This is what makes this modality so profound – as it is the combination of working with the energetic flow along with the finest mechanics of the human body, allowing for an enriching and very deep healing session.
There have been 3 levels of Connective Tissue Therapy training and Gill is accredited to Level 3.

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Chakra-puncture is a complementary healing modality that is based on the Science of the Nadis, (the Science of our living energetic cells), that consists of needles applied very lightly to the skin in specific patterns on the body that serve the purpose of restoring energetic harmonious balance and order to the energetic state of being.
It is likened to the Japanese way of acupuncture needling technique with very fine needles but it is not acupuncture.

Chakra-puncture is not only a technique that supports in times of illness but an extremely powerful healing modality that re-ignites a whole-body vitality, and supports a lightness in all that is naturally felt from within.
There have been 4 levels of Chakra-puncture training and Gill is accredited to Level 4.

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