Gill qualified in 1971 and has had lots of experiences in many areas of physiotherapy over many years of working in a variety of hospitals. She had 4 children but continued to work part time throughout her career. She settled in Oxfordshire in 1996 and has been working as a musculo-skeletal physiotherapist since then. Adderbury Physiotherapy clinic was started in 1999 and she stopped working in the NHS since 2002. She has also run a clinic twice a week at Deddington Health Centre for the past 12 years. Gill loves living a simple life with her family and dog. She enjoys keeping healthy, and little things like walking in the countryside, gardening, cooking and eating very fresh food.

We can help you with many physical conditions:

  • neck & back pain including sciatica
  • whiplash injuries
  • work & stress related symptoms
  • arthritis
  • shoulder and upper limb disorders
  • knee, foot and ankle pain
  • sports injuries
  • muscular strains & sprains
  • general aches & pains
  • feeling “run down”
  • sleep problems and fatigue
  • chronic pain conditions