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Case Studies

Gill offers a body of evidence from case studies that confirm and validate the services she offers.

A Case Study of Low Back Pain and the response to Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy Low Back Pain Protocol.


There is a minefield of conflicting information about chronic low back pain (pain lasting more than twelve weeks) available on the Internet and even research can be very inconsistent. As yet, there is very little successful treatment for low back pain.

The aetiology of chronic low back pain is also very varied, and science always appears to be looking for the physical causes without appreciating how symptoms can be changed while the physical causes remain. 

One cause of chronic low back pain is osteoarthritis. 


Mrs D is a 67 year old lady who presented with chronic low back pain from osteoarthritis in many major and minor joints. Joint changes were visible in her peripheral joints of her hands, she has had a total knee replacement for OA of her right knee and MRI investigations showed joint changes in her the neck and the lumbar spine. She is on long-term medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and gastric upset. She has recently had a change of lifestyle and has been feeling quite unsettled with a house move, a move to a new area and a new husband at the age of 66 years. She is anxious and having difficulty adjusting to her new environment.



Mrs D had an assessment, five treatments and a review of her progress at the end of the course of treatment. She received the low back pain Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy protocol consistently each treatment. This worked from her feet up to the top of her spine lying on her back and then treatment lying on her front. At the assessment and the review session, she filled in the Quebec and SF36 questionnaires. 



Mrs D had many changes throughout the course of treatment. As she relaxed into the treatments, she surrendered deeply and allowed her body to receive the modality. 


She returned to a flow of life she had long forgotten and described feeling extremely well at the end of the course of treatment. Her peak pain was 65/100 at the second week of treatment, and by the fifth treatment, the peak had been10/100. She has had pain free episodes that she could not recall for years. Functionally she has changed remarkably. Sleep has improved, movements and activities that were painful previously, such as climbing stairs, bending and reaching into shelves, cleaning, carrying groceries, activities of dressing and activities of daily living became pain free.


She has also observed a gradual return to what she described as ‘her old self’, feeling an ease in her body. She related a reduction of her anxiety directly to her treatment. The Esoteric Connective Tissue Treatment has shown her a way back to feel a connection to her body, and she is able to move and exercise gently without exacerbation of any symptoms. This case study shows that while the physical degenerative changes remain, the pain can be relieved. 


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