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Enjoy the articles Gill has written that share her personal journey and experiences from which she continues to learn from.

The Glorious Body

Everything, every thing means something and everything is an opportunity to learn. When we understand this to be true, every movement counts and every moment matters. Every thought, every word and every deed – that feels pretty huge when we consider just how many thoughts we have in a day, let alone what we say or what we might do every single day. It makes us realise how responsible we need to be for whatever comes out of our mouths in any conversation, and what is going on in the background to make us say something we have said. If we understood this, the world might be a much quieter place!

One morning I noticed a pain around the knuckle of my thumb and when I looked at it, I could see it was a bit red and had a splinter. I had no idea when the splinter got into the body or how long it had been there, and how long my body had been fighting the foreign body or how long I had been overriding the pain. As I pressed on the edge, the other end opened up and the splinter popped out. I could hardly see it, it was not ¼ inch long, a tiny speck that my body had reacted to, but I had felt it. A bit like a paper cut, there was nothing much to see, but the body gave a message for me to listen to.

So how many other less obvious messages do we override? The body talks to us all the time, not in words, but in feelings. We’re too hot, we sweat, and take the cardigan off, we’re too cold, the body automatically shivers and we put more clothes on. But what about the messages when we hear a politician speak, or a news bulletin, do we hear between the lines? When there is an interaction on the television between two people, we can all feel whether there is an animosity or a mutual understanding between them as they’re discussing something. What about when a well-dressed man stands next to us on the train and we feel uncomfortable? Do we look at his smart appearance and foxy smile and dismiss our body’s message, or do we move away? We are fed so much by society, but we can know we are much cleverer than that when we don’t dismiss what we feel. When this is taught to children in schools, humanity will be in a much better place. We all have this awareness in the body, it is communicating truth with us all the time, when we choose to listen.

There is an understanding that there is much more to life than just human, just what we can see, hear, touch or smell. There are many things we can’t see but we know are there… the Covid virus that has changed our lives this year for example. And when we consider energy we can feel how an undercurrent of unseen forces are all around us affect us and can make us change. You only have to watch a toddler in a temper tantrum to know this, how they can turn from a sweet little child to a roaring monster. We can all feel this, some will listen intently and be more aware than others, others may deny what they sense and override this, but energetically we can all feel it.

When we consider this, we can appreciate how fabulous the body is to give us so much information. The body allows us lovingly to be constantly corrected, the message will repeat and repeat, until the body gets us to a stop point. That may be a car accident, a fall, a broken leg. It’s not our fault at all, it’s an opportunity to have a pause and reflect how we’ve been living. The body gives us the opportunity to have a pause and move differently if we so choose. I could have left the splinter in and ignored it, or I chose instead to take it out. Depending on our reaction or response, the body gives us the response and so it continues, and that is the learning for our growth and evolution through life.


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