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Enjoy the articles Gill has written that share her personal journey and experiences from which she continues to learn from.

Understanding Life From Vibration

Throughout most of my life, what I saw, what I heard or what I touched was all there was, this human existence. Over the past decade, I have been viewing life from a different perspective that everything has a vibration. The way we move our bodies and walk, as we heel strike every step, it sends a reverberation we can feel all the way up our legs. Or the vibration of the car, bus or train is felt when sitting in that vehicle as it moves over the bumpy surface. When I realised these messages were on offer, I received the feedback of how I was driving my car, fast or slowly, jerkily in a hurry or in a flow with the rest of the traffic. I have often observed the car that rushes and overtakes everyone is usually only one car ahead at the next traffic lights.

There is a vibration in sound as we recognise a particular tone in someone’s voice, a melodious tune of a thrush or the heavy roar of the lion. When I sing, I could always feel the vibration of my voice in my throat, but I have learnt since to feel a tingle in my fingers and toes and throughout my body. It’s a whole body vibration that emanates when I don’t push to reach notes, or sing without any emphasis or drive. When a professional singer has been trained to sing in a specific way, they are taking on the energy of a consciousness, how all previous professional singers have been taught, and will copy and emanate that. The voice, the stance, the movements all change as we hear with solo sopranos, for example, and we can feel that change of energy. But when we hear a small child sing spontaneously, the purity and simplicity of the vibration of their voice is an absolute joy to behold.

We can see vibration of the sun’s rays shimmering and splitting through a window as the rays separate. We can also sense a vibration of what’s coming well before someone even walks into a room. If there has been an argument between two people and a third person walks in, the tension of the vibration is immediately felt through the air.

So vibrations are felt through movement, sound and light.

Even our breath has a vibration. Every blink of an eye, every heartbeat, every moment and every thought, every word, every gesture, every nervous system impulse or bodily function of hormone dripping or blood coursing through our veins has a vibration. Serge Benhayon teaches that there are only two energies and we are always aligned to one or the other. There is no middle ground, we are always simply with prana or fire. We align to one of these and through that alignment, we take on that energy or walk energetically away from it. The key point is to discern which one we are aligned to at any one time.

Once this becomes realised, we can understand life in a totally different way. We aren’t reliant anymore only on the visual signs in any situation, but we are able to feel the vibration. We do not need to listen to the specific words spoken but how does the vibration of them feel? We can start to see through the games played out in front of us, and detach from any particular scene that would have previously engulfed us.

This awareness can be taken into our whole daily lives, all our relationships, family and workplace when we simply observe the vibration of our own movements. An accident often exposes what vibration we have we been aligned to. There has usually been a movement away from the moment, a distraction, a caught up in busy, rush and drive or an overwhelm of something and the accident provides the stop moment to consider how we have been living. That pause gives us the space to discern the vibration if we choose to take it.

In relationships, what makes us be friends with another? Do we get together because we think we have a similar background, age, interest or work? When we get on with a favourite teacher, do we think we are enjoying their company or we think similarly to them, or sometimes we say we are on the same wavelength as another. We can be attracted to people in that way, or we may find we align to people of the same vibration.

We can start to observe the changes within ourselves by becoming more aware of our own vibration and when we get caught in reactions. I notice on a physical level, my breath quickens, my thoughts and movements change, emotionally I react quickly when caught up in something, and I lose the objectiveness and awareness that I have when I am more detached.

When we make life about alignment and only alignment to fire, we have no problem being at one with our vibration. It’s always work in progress to take the emphasis away from whatever situation we are faced with and feel in the body what is going on. Living with this great experiment to practice discerning our alignment can become the standard for the rest of our lives.


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